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The Fort Crook Museum Round Barn

  Several years of planning and hard work became a reality in 2010 for the Fort Crook Historical Society when the reconstruction of the historic Beaver Creek Ranch Round Barn was completed. Every effort was made to use the original plans and construction methods. The 150 poles for the roof were peeled by hand using drawkinves and much of the lumber was milled locally.

 The Fort Crook Historical Society is gratefully accepting donations to the Round Barn fund. You can help by ordering a Personalized Paver.

  The round barn is also available for events. Please contact the museum for details.

  The many man-hours from volunteers are greatly appreciated and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked on the barn in any way.

  Some of the major contributors to date are: Beaver Creek Ranch in the original donation of the Round Barn to the Fort Crook Historical Society, Wm. Beaty and Assoc. for donating the necessary Douglas fir logs needed for rafters and structural poles, Burney Cal Trans, Jerry and Charles Thomason, Bill and Jim Albaugh, Sierra Pacific and Pacific Gas and Electric Co. for donating saw logs.

  Engineers and Architects that have drawn plans and done engineering on the building are Frank Germano, Carl Schneider, Neil Ormonde and Don Carter. George and Phyllis Ingram donated the sale proceeds of the Fall River Grange property to the Round Barn fund.

  Logging truck owners that have donated their time and equipment to haul the logs are Brad Royce Trucking, Wayne Norris Construction, Hummer Estes, Ron Taylor, Shirley French, H&R Logging and Tubit Logging.  Others that have donated their time and equipment to move logs and lumber are Robert Ingram, Stan Weigand, Bill Stoltenberg, Mike Cirello, Craig Knoch, Dan Engelage and Charles Thomason.

  Russ Hawkins of Del Logging and Bill Cessna have donated their time and the use of their equipment sawing the logs to make lumber.

  Hat Creek Construction, Wayne Norris Construction, Carlton Cranes, Packway Materials, Dan Engelage of Gold Dust Diggins, Pacific Gas and Electric Co., Valley Rental and Materials, Carpenters Trucking and Volcano Rock, Frontier Communications and Ingram Ranch have all donated equipment and operators for the project.

  Other materials have been donated by: Grainger Industrial Supply, Gerlinger Steel and Supply, Modoc Steel and Supply, Jerry Norris of Norris Steel Fabrication, Dale Brubaker, and David Speroni of Barnes Distribution.

  Pauline Bruce, Bill and Betty Stoltenberg, and Willy Brown have contributed to the project by donating barn space and other storage facilities to store the original barn lumber that is awaiting use in the barnís reconstruction.

  There are so many others that have donated labor and meals during the Round Barn project, even though they are too numerous to mention, we would like to take this time to let them know that they are greatly appreciated!



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