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Larry Burns


Larry grew up in Monte Sereno, CA on the former property of Los Gatos & Saratoga Wine & Fruit Co. which operated from 1885 until it was closed by prohibition in 1919. His interest in history began by constantly finding things in the dirt, sometimes even identifiable like an 1898 Indian head penny in the rose garden. He made a career as an engineer first in mine and tunnel construction then in heavy civil construction. He worked in multiple western states but ended up back in the Bay Area where he started. His wife, Kaye, found the Fall River Valley for them by taking fly fishing classes 1998 and they ended up buying a home here in 2000 and retiring full time in 2004. Larry’s connection with the museum began with his interest in blacksmithing and the museum’s winter blacksmithing workshops. After that his interest in history and desire to help out took over.


Peggie Bidwell

Vice President

Dalinda Lynch



Laurel Cordova


Laurel is a fourth generation descendant of early Intermountain Pioneers, the Florin and Powers families, having grown up on a local ranch and attended local schools. Her interest in history was cultivated by numerous family history story tellers, collectors or "pack-rats" of memorabilia and college courses dealing with history and archaeology. Returning to the area after college, life as a wife, mother and teacher took priority over community commitments, so it wasn't until after retirement that she became involved with the museum. You might say that Laurel has a vested interest in the museum as there are items the family has donated to the museum displays.

Tim Glaze

Board Member

Tim is the postmaster in one of the valley’s small communities.  His congeniality and excellent customer service skills make him a natural public relations representative for the museum.  In executing his professional duties, Tim investigates and solves problems; providing valuable skills to the board as it develops plans, identifies solutions and executes its goals.    
Mt. Eddy, a local mountain, is named for Tim’s wife’s family.  This family-topographical bond enforces the couple’s dedication to keeping history alive for visitors and local residents.  Tim enjoys helping people learn about their forefathers' work and sacrifices that contributed to the area’s current level of prosperity.  

Arleen Earnest

Board Member

Harry Kraft

Board Member

Harry grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area but, having spent summers working on his grandparents dairy farm in Wisconsin, always preferred living in a rural area. He and his wife Cathy discovered the Fall River Valley after camping and skiing in the area. They bought property here in 1998 and spent 10 years building a house and moved here to live full time in 2008.
Harry's career was in computer programming and he became involved with the museum when he was asked to help maintain the museum's web site. His interest in history, dutch oven cooking and the pioneer way of life has led to a greater involvement with museum activities.

Billy Mason

Board Member

Billy was born in Gypsum, Colorado and moved to California in 1951. He served in the United States Navy from 1957 to 1961. After leaving the navy he owned and operated a trucking company in California for 30 years.

In 2002 he and his wife Dorothy moved to the Fall River Valley and Billy became involved with museum and local history when Dorothy became the curator of the museum.



Steve Martinez

Board Member

Steve started coming up to the Intermountain area in the mid-1970’s for the fishing and hunting. He always liked small towns, and so after working for 30 years in the “pile driver” construction business, he and his wife decided to move up to Fall River Mills. He has always enjoyed history and historical items and so when he saw the museum he was instantly interested. When he visited the museum he noticed a picture of Tom Beagle up on the wall. It was the very same Tom Beagle that he had, had as a school teacher down in Antioch, CA. That finalized his decision to volunteer at the museum.  


Jannette Miller


I would like to thank the Fort Crook Historical Society for giving me this wonderful opportunity!! Having first come to the museum as a child in the late sixty’s, it was always fun to hear about the new exhibits my Nana would talk about. Then we would come and see them while visiting over summer vacation. I have had the unique opportunity to see the Museum grow and expand over the years. I am very proud to be a part of Museum’s history as the New Curator, in part, since my Grand Parents were Fort Crook Historical Society members as far back as 1934.  




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